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"The Caretos represent evil and mysterious characters which, go out in the streets for carnival festivities every year, for centuries ago – (Macedo de Cavaleiros).


Breaking the long winter silences, coming out secretly and unpredictably from Podence street corners. They come whistling and  shaking their frantic rattles traced with the coloured fringes of  its thick materials.


Nowadays, more than a tradition, the Caretos are the symbol of Northeastern Culture, having become one of the most emblematic national groups.


The group was created in 1985 by a cultural association, aiming to preserve the carnival tradition. It is an ethnographic group of about 20 people, all men, who leave a seductive allure wherever they go.


As for international participations, their curriculum is enviable, especially the two consecutive appearances in "Disneyland" PARIS, Nice Carnival - FRANCE,  Viareggio Carnival - Italy, Germany, Spain, Macau, etc....


In Portugal, this group has been travelling around the country from north to south, in different cultural and recreational events. They have been a subject of research in the Cultural and Social Anthropology areas, and they have also been participating in several television programs.


They can play a part of any festival or cultural activity preferably street entertainment or "Parade" with instrumental part. It is a group that makes the difference in terms of originality, joy, colour and allure, due to the mystery it creates in a truly fantastic climate, performing its unusual choreography.


The group is available and eager to cheer up any festivity or cultural event, anywhere in the world.

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